With AmmoSquared, you set up a monthly subscription for the calibers and quality grade you want. Each month your subscription automatically purchases a small amount of ammo at bulk prices. This ammunition accumulates until you want it delivered – which can be set up for automatic delivery or “on demand”. It is as simple as that.

Some things to keep in mind: 

  • You are not purchasing specific brands. We are different then a retail store where you pick out exactly what you want and it gets shipped to you immediately. Instead you are signing up for the calibers and grades of ammo you want and then setting aside a little bit of money each month to purchase those.
  • All prices and brands are listed on our  latest price sheet .
  • Your ammo will accumulate in our warehouse until you are ready to receive it - it doesn't get shipped out automatically unless you have set up an automatic shipping trigger
  • We can't break ammo out of factory boxes and ship it separate. So you'll need to accumulate at least enough ammo so we can send you the factory box (50rnds of pistol for example or 20 rounds of rifle ammo, varies by caliber and brand). 
  • Our minimum shipment size is 100 rounds. Anything less and it doesn't make financial sense for you or for us.