Why do we limit the purchase of gun parts and accessories to subscribers? 

The reason is simple: we are not a traditional eCommerce store, nor do we want to be one. We are an ammo subscription service first and foremost. 

However, based on numerous requests from our ammunition customers, we set out to provide our subscribers with a simple way to add basic gun parts and accessories to their ammo subscription box - the kind of stuff they would be hunting around town or online looking for deals on anyway. This way customers can accumulate ammo and add gear to their ammo box order. 

Just like our ammunition, we priced our gear competitively and in some cases below MAP (Manufacturer Advertised Price). In order to offer gear this way we can't make it visible to the public - it is for subscribers only and you must be logged in to view gear related product pages.

We also won't ship out magazines and gun accessories separately. They must be included in an existing ammunition subscription box. If you need something shipped out today there are many other eCommerce outlets for you to buy from. Our service is unique and designed for the convenience of accumulating ammunition on a regular basis - now with the ability to tack on a little extra gear now and then...

If you are interested in becoming a subscriber and adding gear to your account, check out our ammo subscription options on our ammo page