We started out as an ammo subscription program, but we've received many requests to expand our offerings. We have. Here's how it works...

Magazines and gun accessories are only available to our ammo subscribers. (Read why.) 

When you see something you would like to purchase from our current or future offerings, you have a few options:

Direct Purchase:  You can place the order just like you would any other eCommerce store. Once we get the order we will place the item into your inventory for the next time your ammunition box goes out at which time we will include anything you have added to your inventory (ammo or gear). You can accumulate various pieces of gear this way and get one shipment when you choose - even automatically if you already have an ammo delivery trigger set up.

Gear Credit (Single Purchase): You can also purchase a One Time Gear Credit that acts like store credit. You can do this at any time and you will receive a unique store credit code that will appear in your cart for any future purchases. You can accumulate Gear Credits a little at a time for a large purchase down the road. You can also do this automatically with a reoccurring credit. 

Gear Credit (Reoccurring):  You can also sign up for a Reoccurring Gear Credit that is just just like one of our subscriptions. The only difference is that you are accumulating store credit to be used on future gear purchases. The sum of any accumulated gear credits will be available for your future purchases.

Please Note: that in every case, your purchase of magazines, parts and accessories will not be shipped out immediately. It will be included in your ammunition box shipment at the earliest of THE FOLLOWING MONTH. This is important because we do not maintain inventory for every gear related item and may not be able to ship to you until we receive the item from our distributor. Any gear items you purchase will show up in your account within 2-3 days of your online purchase and will be returnable or refundable just like ammo until it is shipped out with your regular ammunition box.